Why Another Church?

With so many churches already in existence, you may wonder why launch another one? Why not work within a church that is already available? Why not leverage the programs, processes, and resources that some of these other churches have available? All of these are fair questions to ask and the answers are part of a much larger conversation. However, in general, we’ve found that the modern church dynamic relies too heavily on programs, processes, and resources and too little on an authentic moving of the Holy Spirit. The engineered worship experience can become a distraction and misinterpreted as a genuine encounter with God. The programs and processes can become hurdles to effective ministry. The current system, in short, teaches members to become consumers instead of servants.

At Revenant, we are seeking to change all of that. So, then, what makes us different? We’re glad you asked. Below are our three distinctives that set Revenant apart. We don’t take these lightly—they are not our mantra or a flashy marketing statement. They define the lives of each person at Revenant.



Committed to Prayer and Fasting

The New Testament church had negligible resources, yet they witnessed thousands of people being added to their number daily. The persecuted church meets in the shadows, yet their light cannot be snuffed out. The common ingredient to both is the emphasis that these disciples have placed on prayer and fasting.

We read in Acts that the disciples were committed to prayer and fasting. It wasn’t simply a prayer offered before a worship service or ministry event. Instead, it was actually prayer that led to a worship service or ministry event. Prayer was the catalyst that begot opportunity to preach the Gospel. And people were impacted every time.

Beyond Central

For us at Revenant, prayer isn’t simply central to our activities, as if prayer itself was a task to schedule once a day or a few times a week. Instead, prayer is what drives everything we do. When we say we are committed to prayer and fasting, we mean it—we are passionate about it. Our weekly services revolve around prayer throughout and our worshippers commit to praying regularly throughout the week. At Revenant, we don’t engage in prayer as some cold, ritualistic spiritual discipline. Instead, we constantly seek to engage with our heavenly Father and to bask in His presence.

Led and Empowered

We are not an event-based church that schedules activities and then asks God to bless them. Instead, we rely on the Holy Spirit for guidance and direction in everything we do. We see this approach consistently modeled by the apostles in the book of Acts. They first prayed, then the Holy Spirit came at Pentecost and brought thousands to repentance. We believe that God still wants the same to happen in our communities, and we seek the Holy Spirit to do so.

As the apostles were uneducated and ordinary men, and as Paul did not preach with fancy words, we, too, follow the same approach. At Revenant, we aren’t looking to offer anything fancy or to put on an elaborate show. Furthermore, we are firmly committed to not operating out of our own strength, experience, or marketing initiatives. Instead, we are committed to being directed and empowered by the Holy Spirit in everything we do.





One Body

Revenant is not a fellowship where one attends and gets lost in the crowd. We are actively involved in each other’s lives. We share each other’s successes and struggles, and we meet each other’s needs. At Revenant, we are a body of believers which means that when one person struggles, the entire body hurts; when one person succeeds, the body rejoices. Here, each person is considered part of a family.

On a Mission

Jesus came to seek out and to save the lost. Neither concept is passive—both involve intentionality. The people at Revenant believe that in order for us to be fully obedient and follow the model Christ has set before us, we must do likewise. We are not content with merely sitting around and waiting for our neighbors to find us. We pursue them; we are on a mission.

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We are very excited that you are interested in joining us at one of our locations. Please complete the form below and one of our team members will contact you as soon as possible for next steps.